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Master Fabricator / Parts

With over 30 years of experience in racing and Hot Rodding,  former drag racer and Sprint car driver and helped pilot the HotRods by Dean / Sidney Allen '55 Chevy at Bonneville. Personal project, building a 1941 Hollywood Graham with a Corvette drive train and Enjoy hitting the slopes in the winter time.


Grew up in Louisville KY. Introduced to hot rods and drag racing at a very early age by my father. Started my career in this industry at age 17 in a British sports car restoration shop. Always taking steps to continue and carry on a traditional style and fabrication technique.

Master Fabricator

My Passion for cars and all things mechanical started when my dad took me to my first race, at the old south mountain speedway in Phoenix Arizona. From building mini bikes and racing go-karts in high school to a 40-year plus career in motor sports, design, building and driving race cars including 18 years as a fabricator for some of the top Nascar teams. I enjoy building unique one off things and building hot rods is a perfect place to do just that. If it has an engine, wheels wings or it floats, I’m hooked!