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Dean Livermore’s journey into the world of hot rods began at a young age, fueled by his love for all things cars. As a teenager, he immersed himself in automotive mechanical and fabrication work, building street and race cars all the while participating in drag racing.

Dean fueled his ambition through higher education, earning his Associate of Occupational Studies degree and various automotive certificates from UTI’s Automotive and Diesel Technology program. During this time, Dean cultivated his dream of owning his own hot rod business.


Throughout the 1990s, Dean honed his skills at Arizona Street Rods under the watchful eye of Rod Palmer. In late 2001, he opened Hot Rods by Dean, setting the stage for his success story. Once again, good fortune showed down on Dean; this time, Dick “Magoo” Megugorac, a nationally acclaimed builder who built the iconic Deucari that was awarded America’s Most Beautiful Roadster title as his “guiding light.” Here, Dean learned his business acumen while continuing to refine his fabrication skills. Dean’s build style had become apparent and continued to flourish.


Dean thrived at the forefront of the hot rod industry, having received recognition for himself and his builds. Beginning in 2005, he was awarded the Goodguys Rod & Custom Association Goodguys Trendsetter recognition. Jump forward to 2008, when one of his builds received a Detroit Autorama Great 8 recognition, followed by a Sacramento Autorama World's Most Beautiful Custom award. Next, he was recognized as the 2009 Builder of the Year at the Super Nationals in New Mexico. It’s now 2015, and Builder of the Year accolades while at the Grand National Roadster Show were conferred. Throughout his career, his builds have been featured in many automotive magazines, including multiple cover cars and trucks, and his work can be seen all over social media. 


Dean also believes in giving back, as he recognizes deserving hot rodders with 10 Pros Picks awarded each November at the Goodguys Nationals in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is also very proud of being a recurring guest speaker at the ASE Education Foundation and Goodguys Rod & Custom Association seminar, which is dedicated to helping young adults learn about automotive careers. 


Dean is most proud of his efforts through Hot Rods by Dean. His shop has earned industry credibility by delivering elite-level craftsmanship accompanied by unparalleled customer service. Since then, the company’s reputation has continued to soar, solidifying its position as a leader in the hot rod industry.


Dean’s interests outside the shop are as diverse as his talents. He enjoys spending time with his son Zack, exploring new destinations, and taking road trips, of course, in the cars he builds. He has driven his efforts on the Hot Rod Power Tour, Street Rodder Road Tour (having built four of these very popular and well-known cars), and numerous rod runs. This is coupled with his passion for photography and building model cars. 


As the founder and president of Hot Rods by Dean, Dean brings decades of expertise and passion to the automotive industry. He has established his shop as a premier destination for custom-built hot rods and restoration services.

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